Open Safety-Critical Java (SCJ)

I am in charge of a Safety-Critical Java (SCJ) project, our goal is to provide first open-source implementation of SCJ Virtual Machine. This project is part of the JSR-302. See the oSCJ project webpage.

CDx: Open Source Real-time Java Benchmark

  • the first open-source RTSJ benchmark
  • highly configurable for different VMs
  • a large case study suitable for learning and experimenting with RTSJ

For more info, see our CDx Home Page.

Soleil Framework

Soleil framework is based on the Hulotte experience and applies it to the Real-time and Embedded Java applications. The basic goal of the framework is to alleviate Real-time Java system development through a systematic architecture design and automatic generation of real-time Java source code.
For more info, see our Soleil Home Page.

Hulotte Framework

Hulotte framework provides a general approach to designing domain-specific component frameworks. The framework is base on the state-of-the-art technologies, combining Component-based Software Engineering, Model-Driven Engineering, and Code-Generation techniques.
For more info, see our Hulotte Home Page.

Carmen : A Software Component Model Checker

Carmen is a Software Component Model Checker based on the Java PathFinder tool. The basic idea is to perform verification a software component only on the basis of its implementation, without the need for any other code representing a future component system. This brings the advantages of effective development and independent but still exhaustive verification. By this approach we achieve a considerable state-space reduction.
For more info, see our Carmen Home Page.